Steal Me

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Steal Me is the first book in the Haunted Roads series

“Some relationships have hidden truths that few can survive. Only us strong ones can dare listen to, and have the balls to stay and bear witness to, the result of irrevocable damages. So tell me, Maverick, are you one of the strong?”

Maverick, unfortunately, is well aware of Tucker’s meaning. Mav has recently lost his father, his mother is slipping into a depression, and his little sister is in desperate need of a parental figure. But now he’s losing his heart to Tucker’s mysterious sister, Delilah. As Maverick squints into the sun, looking at the beauty standing in front of the lake, he wonders if his heart is crazy for begging him to take on yet another tragedy.

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Here's what readers are saying about Steal Me

This book is a MUST reread for me because as it unfolded I realized all the underlined details that were screaming to me all along! Oh, and, uh, can I marry Tucker, please? Or at least just one night with him? LOL!

Julie - Reader


Pick me! I’m one of the strong! This book had me crying, laughing and screaming, I’m one of the strong!

Samantha - Reader


WARNING! This book will sneak up on you. At first you’ll believe your reading a run of a mill jock novel, and then WHAM! You’re in a hot mess of nothing being what it seemed! I will never look at the abused or the abuser ever the same.

Taylor - Reader


Steal Me is a damn good read! I am a realist, and like how India R Adams is not scared to write about things that are real. I’d like to say more on the matter but I don’t want to ruin all the twists and turns for anyone. But, what I will say is, it's nice for people to take off their rose colored glasses from time to time, and you will when reading this book because you will experience what these characters are feeling and what they were going through! I loved that! This story has a unique structure. I felt like each character got to express their side of the story from their point of view. I actually laughed out loud when Tucker's dad found Delilah, Tucker and Maverick in the bathroom after they all got drunk. All though my favorite part was with Tucker and V… you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read this book!

Kimberly - Reader