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“With all I went through as a child and a teenager...I would have found comfort in knowing I wasn't alone”



"India is abundantly gifted. Not only beautiful and humble, she is a prolific novel writer, sharing her tragedy to triumph message. She is also a talented songwriter, and sings with the voice of an angel. Truly one of the most creative and beautiful souls I have ever met."


Jess Kennedy Williams
#1 Best-selling Author

Celebrity Ghostwriter & Author Coach

India was born in Clearwater, Florida and grew up in Largo where she got to play regularly in the woods, beaches and springs she writes about. She’s always had quite the imagination and was never bored with her surroundings because they helped her escape her home life.

“Music has always been a passion of mine.”

Other than playing outside, dancing became a second passion. Ballet and Mexican folkloric was the start to a dancing career and a pleasant distraction… Even with singing owning her heart, India chose to major in dance at Gibbs High School and became a professional Flamenco dancer with Ballet Madrid, while coincidedly being a choreographer and drama instructor for children.

“Kids are a rare beauty that should be treasured and loved.”

After having three children of her own and giving much of herself to being a mother, India chose to start giving herself some time and much needed attention.

“Healing time … I just had to begin to heal.”

Reading a self help book, India learned that you can go back in time and relive a memory to create a new outcome.

“Such a concept-such hope, really stuck with me.”

After sleeping on the thoughts the book provoked, India woke up with a memory. As she began to relive the event, India’s imagination took over and while recreating a hurtful past, a story about a young girl searching for peace took form. India realized this could be a book but doubted her abilities to write. After hearing a voice that told her to “just try” India decided to do just that and twenty eight days later the first draft to Serenity was born.

“I guess you can say I’m making my fantasy into a reality … Maybe my search for peace … can help someone else find theirs someday.”



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