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Here's what readers are saying about My Wolf & Me

I love to read novels by new and upcoming writers. India Adams is one of the writers that I absolutely love. There are two skills Adams does well and consistently: setting a sense of urgency and making you fall in love with the characters. She starts the book set in the woods with a seemingly precocious little child and two wolves. With this, you get a sense of danger but at the same time a sense of wonder. The interactions between the characters, their endearing qualities and the unexpected turn of events makes you want to know everything about them. I was immediately drawn in to the story and wanted to know what would happen next.  I had a hard time putting the book down even to sleep.  If you like fantasy fiction, you will enjoy My Wolf and Me. It is a great ride that everyone will enjoy.

Gillian Bertrand - Reader


It was a pleasure to read this novel. India Adams has a talent for bringing the reader into the world she has created.  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that Marley and Romy took during their lifelong love. The suspense build up during the Boss' hunt for the wolves and the death of Marley's parents was very engaging.  In the end it is a young girls journey into life, love, and a sense of self worth that really shines through in this novel.  I would highly recommend this novel to all. 

Christi Milan - Reader


There were so many things I loved about this book!  For one, I thought Sebastian’s outlook on an “asshole” was brilliant! I will never think of a butt the same, lol. His unique perspective on the world was thought evoking to say the least.  Two, I wish T and Hound went to my high school. I’m not ashamed to say, I want to be a Tattered and Shattered T!  Three, oh, and Marlena’s parents? If only every teenager could be so lucky.  Four, after the first chapter I realized the author was giving me hints and clues in every chapter title and I loved it when I figured out what.  And five, Zues! Sebastian’s cousin rocked and was so dignified that it brought a whole other insight to the world about to swallow up Romy and Marley. I wish there was going to be a second book so I could continue the journey of My Wolf and Me.

Cheyenne - Reader


India Adams is a fantastic, talented, creative writer. The way that she goes about presenting the story line to her readers is simply enthralling.  Starting out as a genuine love story that shows the trust between humans and animals, My Wolf and Me, takes you on a journey into the unseen. You develop relationships with the characters, as they become part of you while you read. The plot twists through out the story makes it even better.  As soon as I began reading the first sentence, you want to keep reading and not stop. Even after I finished the book, I wanted to start all over again. MyWolf and Me was wonderfully written and utterly amazing. 

Kelli - Reader


I absolutely loved reading My Wolf and Me. Once I started to read it, I couldn't stop; the characters absolutely entranced me. A must read for anyone who enjoys Young Adult. I highly recommend India R Adams latest book to your to must read list.

Debbi Prine - Reader


This book is both exciting and moving, a wonderful tale of love and courage, entangled with mystery and suspense. A fantastic book that is full of adventure.

Pamela Austin - Reader


“My Wolf and Me” was an unusual, but interesting story, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you wanting to read more.  I found it refreshing that the story contained humor, sadness and many other emotions that kept the story from being stagnant.  The story continued to build with intensity and suspense, with unexpected turns of events with almost every page turn.  The writer explained your questions along the way which kept the story understandable.  The spiritual implications throughout the story were a wonderful touch, especially in these times where mankind is finally awakening.  I found this book to be a very good read.  I will look for more books from this writer.

Eileen Simone - Reader


A story about love, a story about family, a story about differences, a story about friendship and a story about now. Well done.

Isa - Founder of I AM NOW Crystallization of Self



Here's what readers are saying about Rain

I could feel the connection between these two characters and was hooked! Not only does the book have mystery, adventure and romance, it is hilarious too! The banter between the characters alone makes the book worth reading. I really couldn’t put this book down and told all my friends about what a unique concept this was. Who knew ….. could be so hot?!

Jessica DiGiorgio - Reader


An exciting and suspenseful tale of tragedy and love, of strength and endurance that keeps you guessing and intrigued for hours with its heartfelt and magical journey.

Pamela Austin - Reader


This is an epic love story that includes love, fantasy, and a terrific fight for the longevity of the human race. A riveting read that I highly recommend.

Christi Milan - Reader


I could feel the emotions pouring out of the pages as I consumed this book.  India Adams pulls you in and won't let you put it down!

Nicole Kelly - Reader




Here's what readers are saying about Steal Me

This book is a MUST reread for me because as it unfolded I realized all the underlined details that were screaming to me all along! Oh, and, uh, can I marry Tucker, please? Or at least just one night with him? LOL!

Julie - Reader


Pick me! I’m one of the strong! This book had me crying, laughing and screaming, I’m one of the strong!

Samantha - Reader


WARNING! This book will sneak up on you. At first you’ll believe your reading a run of a mill jock novel, and then WHAM! You’re in a hot mess of nothing being what it seemed! I will never look at the abused or the abuser ever the same.

Taylor - Reader


Steal Me is a damn good read! I am a realist, and like how India R Adams is not scared to write about things that are real. I’d like to say more on the matter but I don’t want to ruin all the twists and turns for anyone. But, what I will say is, it's nice for people to take off their rose colored glasses from time to time, and you will when reading this book because you will experience what these characters are feeling and what they were going through! I loved that! This story has a unique structure. I felt like each character got to express their side of the story from their point of view. I actually laughed out loud when Tucker's dad found Delilah, Tucker and Maverick in the bathroom after they all got drunk. All though my favorite part was with Tucker and V… you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read this book!

Kimberly - Reader



Here's what readers are saying about Serenity

Unforgettable! Serenity is a novel about coming of age, reincarnation and fighting dark forces that invade our souls. A book I will never forget.

Kirsten Perea - Reader


Highly Recommended! This is a novel about everlasting love and friendship. It takes you through the journey of an abused teenager who finds her strength in her friends and true love. I highly recommend it for preteens and all of the above.

Christi Milan - Reader


Serenity, a heartfelt, courageous tale, that will keep you mesmerized to the end with its lovable characters. A read that will take you on an emotional journey with many twists and turns that will keep you in suspense and wanting more as they overcome tragedy and beat the odds stacked against them.

Pamela Austin - Reader


Serenity is a beautiful story. It made me cry on more than a few occasions. Serenity tells a story about being a victim, directly or indirectly, of abuse. It also tells a story about coping with abuse and the other struggles that people go through. In Serenity, India R Adams encourages readers not to let the negativity get the best of us. Serenity is inspirational story and one that everyone can relate to at some level. Granted, not everyone goes through what Serenity did, but we all have dark times in our lives and sometimes we aren't sure how we'll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Serenity shows us that it is possible to stay positive and live an optimistic life. I am extremely impressed with India's writing, and I look forward to reading more of The Forever Series. Serenity leaves you longing to read more of the series, so your questions can be answered

Danielle Acosta - Reader