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Book Boyfriends and Real Life

Book Boyfriends – Real Life or Fiction? I was writing a scene in Hostile Waters (a dark contemporary novella that is part of The Institute Anthology with authors Dani Rene, Anna Edwards, Murphy Wallace, Cassandra Faye, and Sian Claven) and got to a part where a young man crawls through a young woman’s window. It […]

Australia Fires Charity

Australia Fires Charity – “Men of Valor” We all may get caught up in our own worlds but it is beautiful to see how we come together during times such as Australia in need. About six or seven years ago, we experienced horrendous nearby fires when I lived in Texas. A few years back, where […]


Readers Inspire Authors

Inspiring Authors to Write Admiring Authors for their Writing Abilities by India R. Adams Whether it is Visionary Fiction, New Adult, Paranormal, as a writer I enjoy writing and sharing my enter most being with my readers.  I receive joy when and am inspired to share more through my writing when they purchase my books, […]



In 2016, I became a published author, releasing 2 novellas (Blue Waters and Black Waters from the Tainted Water series), 2 novels (My Wolf and Me—a “supposed to be” standalone, and Steal Me, a Haunted Roads novel), and two epic sized novels (Rain, A Stranger in the Woods novel, and Serenity, the first novel in the Forever series) in the time frame of 6 months. How is this possible? […]


Some believe Hell to be somewhere deep in the ground, a fiery pit where the guilty shall burn for eternity… Some believe hell to be on earth, crime against one another causing havoc and chaos at such a rate it is almost impossible to keep tract. Watching the news, at times, makes it hard not […]


Dedicated to Kirsten Perea (my mama) 1936—2015  My mother was an inspiring woman trying to make a change in this modern world. A modern world where children can be bullied online through social media. Before she passed, she was in the process of completing a project called “Bullies Unmasked”. I wrote this blog with her […]