​Here’s to my first Blog on my new website! This is where all my hard work gets to take form and gives you insight to such a personal journey of mine. And, I’ve gotta say, I’m so happy for it!
As for sharing, I believe it to be a two way street and would LOVE to hear from you, too! Feel free to comment or ask about other subjects. Maybe your comment or question will direct my next Blog. Until then, here’s a little about me…
Due to my husbands work I’m now living in the beautiful Murphy, North Carolina. We were in Austin, Texas (a city that owns part of my soul and always will) so adjusting to the mountains was not as easy as I first thought it would be. For one, it was FREEZING! We unloaded our moving truck in November and there was not enough heat in the universe to warm my shaking bones (Don’t forget, I’m a Floridian). But, my husband had remodeled the home before my girls, Maverick (my Golden Retriever) and Boomer (Chey’s horse) drove in from Austin, and waiting for me was a bay window. My husband pointed proudly and said, “I thought this would be perfect for your desk so you can write with a beautiful view.”
Yes, swoon, I’m a lucky, lucky girl!
Once all moved in I realized that this was more than just a ‘relocation’. This was test.
My younger daughter adjusted well (she’s like her daddy) but my older daughter (a lot like me-poor thing) did not adjust so easily. We both struggled with the different way of life. To mention a couple of differences-you can’t just run down the street when you run out of something; you must drive 35 minutes to reach town. And by no means is there pizza delivery! Yes, Chey, that was for you…
So, I sat at my desk and allowed myself to be immersed into the novel I was presently working on, Haunted Roads. My 4 book series, The Forever Series, was complete and I had also completed Rain, A stranger in the woods Novel, in Austin. And wouldn’t ya know it? The dreary winter  was a perfect view for Haunted Roads, a heavier NA novel. Surrendering to where the Universe thought me best, allowed me to be my best. After typing my last word to a manuscript, I thanked my husband.
Instead of regretting the move I embraced it and enjoyed one of the most beautiful Springs and Summer of my life! Thank you Murphy and thank you to my husband-that bay window was just what I needed…

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