Some believe Hell to be somewhere deep in the ground, a fiery pit where the guilty shall burn for eternity… Some believe hell to be on earth, crime against one another causing havoc and chaos at such a rate it is almost impossible to keep tract. Watching the news, at times, makes it hard not to agree. Then there are some who believe hell to be dark energy, a collective group of concentrated energy taking one form or another. The character Destiny speaks of this in book two of The Forever Series.
Some believe heaven to be a special place in the sky where God resides, inviting all who are worthy. A place where angels fight for the love of God or cry for the humans who war with each other. A place that is all forgiving and where the brightest light resides…
I think I believe in both. Different realms—levels of consciousness—Heaven and Hell on earth. When I see a beautiful flower glow in the sunlight, or a child smiling for no reason at all, I see heaven. When I watch the news and see ruthless bombings and shootings, I see the darkness—concentrated energy, forming evil in merciless forms, I see hell. But, when I see the ones still on earth, not giving up, standing strong for the victims who had no choice and were injured or killed, I see hope. And that my friends, is beauty all of its own. It is concentrated energy of the opposite kind, taking form of what I believe to be love. Love for life, love for the fallen and love for what could be—what may be. What will be if we continue to have faith that not all humans are cold and without the ability to show courage and understanding of one another.
I’ve heard of large prayer groups or meditation gatherings, whether it be on line or in a physical sense, make a difference in the area of their concentration. Crime drops dramatically, yet people still doubt the power of hope. I’m nor judging, please understand, I too loose faith in the simple everyday ways of life. When I or my husband catches my moment of weakness, we laugh and refocus—not punish ourselves for faltering. We are human after all.
I applaud the church in South Carolina that never lost faith and kept their courage alive and thriving, setting the bar high for us all to follow. I applaud Paris for being shaky on their feet but not giving up. I applaud the American couple who still went on their planned vacation in Paris so that the extremist wouldn’t win. I applaud California for, even though they’re scared, still venturing out and living. I applaud the parents and surviving family and friends after a school shooting when it feels like the darkness won by stealing your loved one, but you continue to search for answers and you continue to live another day. I applaud every one reading this blog because they/you want to know you’re not alone, or are searching for an awakening of sorts. It can be simple or grand but when our eyes open we can sense—feel, the hope—the love. And, I applaud myself for trying to live everyday with my heart open and my spirit always willing to learn and grow.
I wish many blessings and much growth to you all,

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