I’ve been preparing myself for some very emotional blogs where I’m going to share some of my past through my own voice, not just through my character’s inner thoughts. 

Scary? Yes. 

Not sure if I want to do this? Correct.

However someone reading my latest novel, Steal Me, made a remarkable statement (well, first she yelled at me for a certain “part” in Steal me. Some of you are now laughing, knowing what part she’s talking about before Tucker’s POV). Either way, what she had to say next let me know it’s time to take my bravery to another level. She told me that this book was affecting her in a way that was unexpected…

A family member of this reader I am speaking of, lost someone close to them. Months later, with her family member still grieving, she was surprised with how long the mourning process could take. Never experiencing such loss herself, she was uncertain of the unrelenting emotions she was witnessing. But claims, with reading Steal Me—personal thoughts from my character’s grieving process—she says she now understands. She says her empathy for her loved one has now doubled and her patience is easily found.

I loved her honesty and growth. I told her that, for me, loosing someone I’ve had in my life for many years, makes it hard to breathe while trying to accept the energy space that used to be full of a soul. That soul had to move on, leaving me missing the warmth it once brought me.

Deep inhale…

This is probably true for every author but there is a piece of me in every book of mine. I write from traumatic events in my life and many heartbreaks. That’s actually how writing began for me—giving me an outlet for my sorrow… And to know that my devastating pain, expressed through my characters, is helping others, is so humbling I’m deeply moved.

My tragedies—the times in my life I never thought I would recover from—now have even more purpose than just my own lessons of life. All my doubts and questions that sometimes occurred after burying a loved one, can now help spread understanding for those trying to support their own family and friends through a similar loss.

Another deep inhale… Compassion.

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