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trinity falls anthology

Hello! Welcome to my first Writing Cave for a website!

Here is where I will personally be posting snippets of whatever WIP (work in progress) I'm working on. I am so excited to be able to share with you what I'm experiencing while writing for wonderful characters!

Or evil ones *wink*

I hope you enjoy this website exclusive!

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a look inside omens of souls

"It usually wasn’t the actual nightmares that frightened me. It was the unsettling feeling that came with them. I couldn’t shake it. No matter how hard I tried. No matter how far I ran… But this was the first dream about my twin. Since she was the only person I cared for, or felt I needed in my life, it spooked me to the very core of my being."


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praying for lightning

Oh how my mind weaves stories together...
I'd admit it's exhausting if only I wasn't having so much fun (insert evil laugh lol!)

Writing Omens Of Souls, believe it or not, brought me back to Praying For Lightning. (Shakes head in amazement)

What else can I do but share this ride with you? 
I hope you enjoy what I'm experiencing while writing for wonderful characters!
Or evil ones *wink*

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Immediately, I recognized another array of outside lights collected in the air. They were hanging over a makeshift dance floor that sat in front of a small stage with a four-man band and a female singer holding a tambourine. Into the microphone, she sang a song that wasn’t the folk sounding music I expected. There was a keyboard, electric guitar, drums, and bass that was paying honor to the song, “Tomorrow, Wendy” by Concrete Blonde. The haunting melody perfectly matched the paranormal dream state I’d been in and out of all night. The female’s eerie voice even made the sensations more intense.
Due to an enticement that was owning me, my eyes searched the dance floor. Wearing jeans, t-shirts and boots, most people were dancing with one another. There was only one person dancing alone. At least that is what it looked like to the naked eye but in my bones, I knew she was dancing to something most can’t comprehend.
Appreciation of… freedom.

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